U P C O M I N G , 10.24.2017//

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October 24, 2017.

This is going to be a “coming soon to theaters near you” kind of post…

This blog is only a few days old as of the date of this post, and it’s been a godsend for me. These days are difficult. Writing helps, ALOT.

This blog is primarily a diary of sorts. I want to express all sorts of things on here. So here’s the upcoming itinerary of what’s to come soon, in alphabetical order lol…


“Δ R K”, on themes of identity in the 2015 Frictional Games science fiction horror game “Soma”.

ender's empathy

” E N D E R ‘ S   E M P Δ T H Y”, on themes of empathy, compassion, and identity in Orson Scott Card’s 1985 book “Ender’s Game”, in Barry Jenkin’s 2016 film “Moonlight”, and in the 2009 anime series “Fullmetal Alchemist : Brotherhood”.

existence part 2

” E X I S T E N C E , PART II : MILLENIALS”, continuing the thesis on the nature and experience of an existential crisis. This post contextualizes this issue in terms of my own generation, Millenials, and our place in history.

existence part 3

” E X I S T E N C E , PART III : HOPE”, completing the thesis on existential crises. I’ll attempt to forge some meaning and hope from this experience.

far future friends

” F Δ R   F U T U R E   F R I E N D S”, which analyzes gender in three contemporary science fiction films, 2017’s “Blade Runner 2049”, 2015’s “Ex Machina”, and 2013’s “Her”.

history maker

” H I S T O R Y   M Δ K E R”, a personal essay on themes of LGBT depression, hope, and love in the 2016 sports anime “Yuri!!! on Ice”.

into the unknown

” I N T O   T H E   U N K N O W N . . .”, which analyzes what I consider one of the greatest series I have ever seen, the 2014 Cartoon Network miniseries “Over the Garden Wall”. This post is related to the thesis on existential crises, as “Over the Garden Wall” contains themes of growing up, coming of age, existential confusion and despair, the loss of faith and hope, the fight to find your way out of “the Unknown”.

son day

” S O N   D Δ Y”, which analyzes “Moonlight” in greater depth, focusing on its themes of empathy, identity, masculinity, fatherhood, sonhood, friendship and love between lower class gay and straight black characters in the crackepidemic era of the 1980s and 90s in Miami.

They’re coming soon. 😀

Take care of yourself,


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